DJ Keven Bio

DJ Keven Entertainment was founded on February 19, 2013 by its sole proprietor, Keven Gallegos. Keven first started DJing in 2008. When he started, Keven had nothing more than his laptop and a free trial version of VirtualDJ. He had no speakers of his own, so he used an old home theater system to play his music through.

Fast forward to today. DJ Keven has his own fully digital DJ setup, comprised of:
-Professional Dance/Stage Lights
-Professional DJ MIDI Controller
-Wireless Microphones
-Fog Machine
Not to mention the wealth of knowledge and experience that he has gained along the way.

No matter your event type, DJ Keven can meet and even exceed every single need that you may have concerning lighting, music, or even the flow of events! His 5 years of experience best even lifetime veteran DJs. With the latest music and equipment, DJ Keven Entertainment has your event covered, whether it’s a Birthday Party, Wedding, Anniversary Party, or anything that requires a DJ!